The real value of a cup of coffee and a newspaper

During a particularly dark day during the War for the Liberation of Kuwait, I was on patrol in the desert. In the distance I saw a small black spec, being followed by a trail of dust.

As I drew closer, I realized it was a truck. It stopped, a little man got out, opened up the side of his canteen truck, and offered me one of the most valuable gifts I ever received: a cup of lukewarm coffee and a two-week old newspaper.

It was all so surreal.

How this man and his Salvation Army truck ended up alone along the Kuwaiti border in the middle of a war zone is still a mystery, but his gift of basic comfort and news from the outside world was a reminder that even there, there was hope, simply in the form of an outside perspective.

Enlightened Business Risk Solutions can help bring that outside perspective to give you the knowledge that you are on the right path.

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