Business Planning

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
-attributed to Benjamin Franklin

Those in business, particularly small- to medium-size businesses, naturally concentrate on the services they provide. Lawyers apply their attention to the law and tradesmen strive to deliver quality services. What they sometimes forget is that they are in business, and for their business to succeed they need to establish what success looks like and how to get there.

They need a business plan.

Not only does a business plan guide them toward their goals but it is often required by lenders, investors and, increasingly, clients and customers. A business plan is easier to do than you might think, but it requires a disciplined, thoughtful approach.

Here are the essential components:

Vision: What is the future-state? What do you seek to become?

Values: What are the core beliefs you want reflected in how you conduct yourself and your business?

Mission: What will you accomplish? When, where, and why?

Goals: What critical goals have to be reached to accomplish the mission?

Objectives: What objectives enable you to reach the goals?

Strategies: How will you accomplish each objective?

Performance Measures: How will you know your strategies are achieving success?

We can bring you and your business that clarity – the clear line of sight from immediate task to ultimate goal – so you and your team can you achieve unity of purpose, accomplish your mission, and make your vision reality.