The Lighthouse

The lighthouse, an image synonymous with safety and salvation, is the symbol I have chosen to represent my brand.

I chose the lighthouse for several reasons. Living in Victoria, BC, on the Pacific Coast, they are a familiar sight; to me, they mean home, just as they did to sailors returning from precarious seas.

Lighthouses also represent my business vision. Like risk management, they help us reach our goals while avoiding the rocks in our way. They protect what’s important, they guide us as we go out into the world, and they help us find our way back home again.

Finally, they represent commitment. Everyone knew to head for the light that was always shining in the dark. Likewise, lighthouse keepers themselves were resilient and reliable.

I founded Enlightened Business Risk Solutions because I believe in helping you to create and protect value, successfully reach your goals, avoid the rocks in your path, and return home safe. The rocks are there. Let me help guide you on your way.