Photo of Chris MacLean by Teagan Gosling

As a former Infantry Officer in the Canadian Army, I was trained to lead soldiers into battle where risk truly was a matter of life or death. My soldiers trusted me to ensure that I would not only lead them into battle but bring them back home.

As a proud father, I know how important home is. And while the risks that we encounter in our daily lives are not usually as extreme in the public sphere as the work I used to do, I know that protecting those closest to us – our family, our friends – matters.

As a government  manager of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and a senior government advisor, I saw how the application of a disciplined, deliberate integrated approach to Business Planning, Risk Management, and Business Continuity can be intelligently applied at every level, from the Cabinet Committees I attended, to the front-counter receptionist in a government office.

It is these experiences that inspire me in my work. Whether working on contingency plans for the Canadian Forces’ support to the Province of British Columbia in the case of an earthquake or major air disaster, or offering a small business advice on how much insurance they need, I think about what really matters the most to the people that I am working with.