At Enlightened Business Risk Solutions, we bring over thirty years of Planning, Operations, and Risk Management experience drawn from military, government, corporate and private business perspectives. We can help you identify and achieve your organization’s mission, goals and objectives.

Business Planning – Whether initiating a new business, division or project, you want to have clear planning objectives in place. This means establishing what your vision is, the values you are to be guided by, and your mission to be accomplished. Next, what goals support the mission, and what objectives lead towards your goals? What strategies will you pursue to get there, and what performance measures validate your success? Enlightened Business Risk Solutions can help you to create a business plan and bring you closer to achieving your goals.

Risk Management – With your business planning complete and your goals and objectives established, what uncertainties exist that may keep you from getting where you want to go? Enlightened Business Risk Solutions can help you anticipate the uncertainties that can affect your objectives, and develop risk management strategies to reduce uncertainty to acceptable levels, avoiding pitfalls, anticipating problems and building proactive solutions to ensure success.

Business Continuity Management – Your goals and objectives are established and a detailed business plan is in place.  Your risks are identified, and treatment strategies are established to ensure you achieve success.  Now, how will you ensure your organization is robust enough to withstand a business interruption?  How long can you go without access to critical business functions, key staff, office space, and data?  Can you afford to be one of the 75% of companies without a business continuity plan that fails within three years of major business interruption?  Enlightened Business Risk Solutions can develop your business continuity plan and help ensure that an incident – flood, fire, broken water main – doesn’t put you out of business.